America’s top cyclist entering the Tour de France has been using a portable brain stimulator to try to gain an edge, and he says it actually works.

The highest-ranked American cyclist heading into this year’s Tour de FranceAndrew Talansky, is using portable neuroscience technology to try to gain an edge over his world-class rivals, and he says his performance has improved since he began using it regularly in December.

The state-of-the-art technology was created by the Silicon Valley startup Halo Neuroscience, which counts Andreessen Horowitz and Lux Capital among its investors. Halo has raised $10.6 million in funding.

Players in the NFL and MLBOlympians, and Navy SEALs are among those who have tried Halo, but Talansky is one of just two cyclists at the sport’s highest level we know of using neuroscience technology. The Halo Sport headset retails for $750, and the app is free, though the company said it may eventually launch a premium version.

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