Metabolic Rate

Everyone has their unique body type and metabolism. One size nutrition and exercise program DO NOT WORK. Everyone CAN NOT DO the same type of exercise or the same “diet”.

Metabolic Rate Testing

Testing is KNOWING Not Testing is GUESSING

Have You Been Guessing Your Efforts To Lose Weight?

There is a fast, accurate, and scientific way to measure your metabolism!

These objective measurements are the blueprint by which we create a customized eating and exercise program, so your efforts will be more focused and effective.Metabolic Rate

Metabolism testing (or metabolic testing) is a quick measure of your oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange. Taken through a neoprene mask (shown right), this measurement tells us how your body uses energy. Based on which assessment is taken, we will find: Metabolic Rate

      Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) – The number of calories your body requires to be awake but resting. This will be your minimum calorie intake per day.

  • Active Metabolic Rate (AMR) – The number of calories required to do your day to day activities while trying to reach your health and weight goals.
  • Peak VO22 Score – How well your body utilizes oxygen for energy. The more oxygen you use, the more calories you burn per minute of activity.
  • Heart Rate Training Zones – Defines your aerobic and anaerobic zones.
  • Aerobic zones – the heart rate zones in which you burn a mix of fat and sugar for fuel.
  • Anaerobic zones – The heart rate zones in which you only burn sugar for fuel.
  • Anaerobic Threshold (AT) – The heart rate at which you switch from your aerobic system to your anaerobic system and stop burning fat!
  • Heart Rate Recovery rate – How quickly your heart rate drops in a one-minute recovery. This is an indicator of conditioning and heart health. Metabolic Rate

These are accurate measures as opposed to the age-based calculations used to determine the maximum heart rate or calorie needs for an individual.

You will be given a nutrition (calorie) and/or cardio plan based on your results. The plan will help you increase your metabolic rate over a short amount of time. Also, we will work on improving your fat burning utilization to maximize fat loss, improve caloric burn rate, and increase energy and endurance. Reassessment is recommended in two to three month intervals in order to track progression and adjust your program.

The cost for this metabolic test is $150


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