Computer Scanned Custom Foot Orthotics in Gilbert, AZ.

Only $235.00

Includes Doctor’s Visit and Exam

Same Quality as $600 plus orthotics

Durable for 2-5 years

  “As an Ironman Triathlete myself and someone who has a degenerated knee (Chondromalacia patella) and has also suffered from Plantar Fasciitis, I am always looking for the best Orthotics to reduce pain and keep me running. I found them. I would never run without my orthotics.” – Dr. Jeff Banas, Eight Time Ironman Triathlon Finisher

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Dr Jeff Ironman AZ

This is Dr. Jeff’s foot. He used to suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, but now he runs without any foot pain.

Planatr Fasciits Treatment Gilbert AZ

Dr Jeff talking about his custom orthotics. This is an old video. Due to the rising cost of labs fees we now charge $235.00 for the orthotics.

Orthotics custom

Orthotics can help with knee pain, plantar fasciitis, heel pain and back pain. 


(Actual email from a patient)

Hey Dr Jeff I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how the orthotics are working out. When I came in to see you In April I had been suffering from chronic back pain since 1998, often times rendering me unable to do much of anything. Thus I had to retire from police work. Over the last six months I had gradually been losing feeling in the tips of my fingers and both of my shoulders were just killing me with pain.

Literally within 4 days of putting your custom orthotics in my work shoes almost all of my problems (95%) are GONE. No back pain or stiffness, no shoulder or neck pain. The feeling is back in my fingers. To say I can’t believe this has happened is the understatement of the year. I feel great and it’s amazing! I am going to be ordering another pair soon for my everyday shoes as well as my work shoes.

It stuns me to think that the last 16 years of my life I have suffered unbelievable pain when the solution was so simple. Thanks for your help, I could not be happier. – Richard

We have developed a unique system that will enable you to have the benefits of custom running orthotics at a fraction of the cost.

 Most Sports Medicine Physicians charge $400, to $500, to $600 or more for the examination, fitting, and the actual orthotics themselves.

We charge only $235 for true custom orthotics, which includes examinations and fitting. 480-633-6837

Computer Scanned Custom Foot Orthotics

Only $235

Includes Doctor’s visit and Exam.

Call us now for your free foot evaluation and 3 D foot scan. 480-633-6837

“If you have any questions what so ever about our Custom Foot Orthotics, call me personally at 480-633-6837 or e-mail me at

Custom Foot Orthotics Mesa Gilbert AZ

Wedges can be added under the heel of any arch support. It is very common to wedge the heel of a Orthotic to gain more control. Improving bad alignments can help ankles, knees, and lower back. We recommend you do not go above 6mm in wedges unless you have had experience using them or prescribe by your doctor. Wedges will change your alignment and can cause discomforts in the body for up to 30 days. These discomforts will fade as the body adjusts to its new alignment.

Custom Foot Orthotics Mesa AZ

Custom Foot Orthotics Mesa AZ

Custom Foot Orthotics Mesa Gilbert AZ

Custom Foot Orthotics Mesa AZ

Do you have problems with flat feet, low back pain, ankle pain, runners knee, pronation, excessive pronation or supination, Plantar Fasciitis (arch pain and/or heel pain), heel spurs, or neuroma?  If so, you may need  foot orthotics.

If you are suffering from chronic injuries, back, or knee pain your feet need to be checked out. 480-633-6837Custom Foot Orthotics Mesa Arizona

Many factors can contribute to improper tracking of the patella during running, such as genu valgus, tibial torsion, tight hamstrings, weakness of the vastus medialis and training errors (e.g., excessive hill running). In my experience, however, the most common biomechanical fault associated with patellofemoral pain in runners is an increased Q angle. Whenever the measurement of this angle is above normal limits, the probability of developing tracking disorders, patellofemoral pain and chondromalacia patellae greatly increases.

The most effective way to decrease a high Q angle and improve the tracking of the patella is to prevent excessive pronation by the use of flexible, custom-made foot orthotics.3 Flexible orthotics that support all three arches of the foot have been found to reduce the Q angle immediately.4 Another study reported that soft orthotics are more effective in reducing knee pain and preventing recurrence than a traditional therapeutic exercise program.5 My experience is that specific chiropractic adjustments, combined with custom-made, flexible orthotics and a simple, at-home rehabilitative program, provide the most effective and most comprehensive level of care for patients with patellofemoral pain.

Plantar Fasciitis

This condition causes heel pain in the area of the medial calcaneus tubercle, which is the insertion point for the plantar fascia. This aponeurosis is made of strong yet flexible connective tissue that functions as a bowstring to hold up the medial longitudinal arch. Since the plantar fascia is the major structure that supports and maintains the arched alignment of the foot, it is placed under considerable stress during running.6

Excessive pronation has been identified as the most common biomechanical finding associated with plantar fascitis, although a weight-bearing evaluation sometimes finds rigid supination.7 In either case, custom-made orthotics that provide shock absorption and support for the medial longitudinal arch are needed, along with adjustments of the foot and ankle.

Orthotics Help Protect Runners

Whenever a runner has an injury, it is important to assess the extrinsic contributors, as well as the intrinsic biomechanical faults. Custom-made orthotics have been shown to significantly decrease foot pronation velocity and tibial internal rotation.8,9 Wearing orthotics while running also reduces the electromyographic activity in the biceps femoris, tibialis anterior and medial gastrocnemius.10 Appropriate use of custom-made orthotics can help decrease the high incidence of overuse lower extremity injuries. By reducing the stress and strain of running, a well-designed orthotic can speed a full return to running activities, while also helping prevent re-injury.


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