Off Season Ironman Strength Training Plan

This program can be used for any triathlon distance.

Do you slow down in races because your legs get tired?Off Season Ironman Strength Training Plan

Are you looking to increase strength and reduce injury?

Are you a skinny triathlete looking to bulk up a little?

Interested in strength training but you don’t feel like spending hours in the gym?

The focus of this plans is to build strength fast and in the shortest time possible.

You will be doing about 30min strength training 3 times a week, followed by 30 min of base/fat buring running or cycling after the strength sessions.

On the other 2 days during the week you will be doing a swim session and a hight intensity bike session.

Total time exercising during the week in only one hour a day. The strength sessions are the KEY sessions. You can change around the bike and swim session if you want to.

Always choose the strength sessions as the key if you are short on time.Off Season Ironman Strength Training Plan

Why do you slow down during your race? Because lack or cardio or because your legs get tired?

If you said because your legs get tired it is time to build up your resistance to fatigue. This program will do that.

Hit the gym 3 time a week for only 30 min doing some heavy lifts. After a few weeks we move into a more functional “CrossFit” style of training. However, unlike CrossFit, we have a goal in mind. Increase strength training for triathlon.

This program also includes trianing and recovery “Biohacks”

Strength, recovery, weight loss and race day supplement protocols.

This program also includes a 30min phone or Skype consultaiotn with Dr. Jeff Banas

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Strength Training

Train with intensity

Sample Workouts:

Workout #1: Run

Workout #2: Strength

Rest 1-2 min between reps Warm up with no weight on the bar but do the exercise Squat 5×5 Bench Press 5×5 Single Arm Barbell Barbell Rows 5×5 20-30 min power walk or really easy run after

Workout #3: Swim

Workout #4: Custom

Want an Unfair Competitive Advantage? Add these biohacks into your training: Make sure you read the Biohacks Handout which should be in the attachment of this training plan. If it is not you can down load it here, or send me an email to drjeffbanas@gmail and I will email it to you. Use Training Mask on some of your strength sessions or on rest and recovery days. The Training Maske turns an easy yoga session into a great cardiovascular session: On the days where you have active recovery or core strength sessions wear the Training Mask. You will get the added benefit of a hard cardiovascular workout at the same time you are doing your core or active recovery workout. Get your Training Mask Here: After hard exercises sessions or when you feel tightness in a joint or muscle, do your own myofascial release with voodoo bands Get your Voodoo Bands here: Here is a video about breaking up adhesions on your own with the voodoo bands: get into a sauna once a week for 30-40 min. The key here is, you need to stay in the heat the long enough to the point it feel uncomfortable. Watch this video:

Workout #5: Other

The nutritional and supplement protocols are listed at the end of the training program. Please look at those now. Nutrition is just as important as the training and there are specific nutritional and supplement protocols for Strength, Endurance, Power, Recovery and Race day. Make sure you look at the Training Biohacks handout which should be in the attachment to this training plan. If it is not there email mail me at or you can download it here: You also get a 30 consultation with me as part of this program. When you are ready call or email me and we can set up the consultation so I can answer any questions you may have so you can get the most out of this training plan. Dr Jeff Banas 480-633-6837or