from the couch to the 5kFrom The Couch To The 5k

This training program will take you from the couch to the 5K.

This program is designed for someone who is looking to get in better shape and drop some weight. At the end off this program you will be leaner, stronger and ready to race in a 5k run event.

Exercise Monday through Friday, off on Saturday, then a short workout on Sundays.

We combine cardio and strength sessions together a few times a week to maximize fat burning. For example: run, do a push ups, a squat, a burpee, then run again). You don’t need a gym membership or any special exercise equipment.
Many of the nutrition, supplement and exercise protocols list here are the same ones Dr Jeff used to lose over 60 pounds and turn from a 270 pound fatman to a 205 seven time Ironman Triathlon finisher.

If you have a question about your training, your diet, you nutrition, no problem, this plan includes a consultation with Dr Banas, just drop him an email and we will set up a time to talk.

This plan includes:
-A personal phone, or sky or email consultation with Dr Banas (

-Detailed Supplement and nutritional protocols for Fat Loss, Hormone Support, Recovery, Race Day and Performance.

– Cold Thermogenesis Protocols for recovery and enhanced weight loss.

-Fasting protocols it increase fat loss and to train your body to burn fat as the primary fuel source. (There are more calories in fat than in carbs and you have plenty of fat on you to burn for fuel)

– Low Thyroid/Metabolism Support.

-What artificial sweeteners to avoid.

-How Poor Sleep can affect weight loss and performance.

-Detailed nutrition and supplement protocols.

-How to find, as use, your fat burning zone.

-Self assessment function movement screen to uncover muscle imbalances and weakness.

-Recovery and self myofasical release sessions.

-How Poor Sleep can affect weight loss and performance.

-Testosterone enhancing supplement protocols-Superhuman food pyramid

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from the couch to the 5k