Have a question about our services? Please feel free to call and talk with Dr. Jeff personally 480-633-6837

Still not sure about taking action and having Dr. Jeff help you with your health and fitness goals?

**All services, including coaching and orthotics, can be paid with a Health Saving Account (HSA)**

Coaching Services.

Email Dr Jeff at drjeffbanas@gmail.com if you have any questions what so ever.

Phone or Skype Consultation 

If you want to take the next step and personalize your fitness goals, please go the below link and download the New Client Coaching form, fill it out and email it to drjeffbanas@gmail.com.


Then just make a $97.00 or $47.00  PayPal payment to drjeffbanas@gmail.com.

First time consultation: $97.00

Follow up phone / Skype consultation: $47.00

Once these are done, Dr. Banas will check the information sheet and contact you within 48 hours to set up a time to talk on the phone or by Skype.

If you have any other information, such has blood or lab studies, x-ray or MRI reports, please also send those to Dr. Banas.

Monthly Weight Loss Coaching. $150/month

Monthly Triathlon or Sports Coaching. $150/month

Online or Skype Weight Loss, Nutrition or Performance consultation  1hr.  $150

VO2 Metabolic Testing (Bike or Run) $150

VO2 Bike and Run combined $200

Resting Metabolic Test (RMR) $75

VO2 (Bike or Run) and Resting Metabolic Test $225

Metabolic Test to Determine your fat burning zone: $150

Metabolic Test, Review of Lab Test, Supplements, Exercise and Nutrition Suggestions. $200

Custom Built Training, fitness or weight loss plan. $120.00
After you buy this program Dr Jeff will contact you to discuss all the aspects of your training and then he will build the training plan specifically for you.

Pre-made Triathlon, Endurance and weight programs can be purchased at Training Peaks HERE

Pain Management and Sports Therapy Services

Injury Consultation, on site. $50.00

Acupuncture Session. $60

ARP  Wave Session: $65 per session or $600 for 10 sessions.

Custom Foot Orthotics: $235

Dry Needling: $50

Chiropractic Manipulation: $45

ARX Strength Session: $35

Neuromuscluar Re-Education Deep Tissue Session: $45