Adaptive Resistance Exercise (ARX)

The future of exercise. ARX is the fastest, safest, most efficient and effective exercise ever, and the TOTAL workout time is around 10 min..

The benefit can be summed-up like this: ARX moves at a speed you pre-choose. Push & pull your hardest, ARX maintains its speed.


1/You don’t have to wait for the first few reps get a hard rep in. Give an honest effort, & the first rep’s as hard as every rep; as hard as any rep you’ve ever done.

2/Traditional resistance must be low enough for the weakest range of concentric strength to function, thus it’s not enough to challenge the stronger range or your much-greater eccentric strength, (much greater than previously thought before ARX monitoring!). ARX works all ranges of eccentric & concentric with full intensity, every rep.

3/As you fatigue, there’s no danger of the ‘weight’ being ‘too heavy’ to complete the desired-timed set. 4/ Good form’s virtually guaranteed:

A: Rep-speed’s a major factor in form, avoiding too-fast ‘heavy’ ranges & too-slow ‘light ranges’ is ensured.

B:Breaks in form to ‘hoist up’ a last rep that’s “too heavy” to lift properly are a non-issue.

What does this all mean?: For those willing to work hard, ARX is the safest, most efficient, most effective workout ever.