Achieve maximum results with minimal training

Train without cardiovascular or mental fatigue.

There is no risk of injury often associated with intense muscular contractions of this kind.

What type of running would you be if you were able to do 5000 squats? We can do this with the ARP, because we control the muscle contraction and NOT your brain.

Are you a high school, college, professional athlete or weekend warrior looking for that competitive edge?

This IS NOT your typically strength and conditioning.

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The ONLY way to truly understand and feel what a ARP Strength and ARP Loosening feels like is to actually experience it. This is why we offer a free session.

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Superman, Brandon Routh and the ARP WAVE

If you are interested in strength training with the ARP Wave / Therastim, please listen to these 2 podcast:

ARP WAVE on the Ben Greenfield Podcast.

How Underground Russian Techniques From Old Soviet Training Journals Can Turn You Into An Endurance Beast. – Ben Greenfield Podcast

ARP Wave on the Bulletproof Executive with Dave Asprey

 Phase 1: Search and Destroy

The ARP Wave Search and Destroy process will be comprised of 4 sessions. At the end of 4 sessions you are PAIN FREE, have 100% range of motion and are now ready to eliminate the compensation (“bad habits”) patterns you developed by having this issue in the first place. You CANNOT break a compensation pattern with physical
therapy, however, it is a neurological function and thus we have developed patented and proprietary exercises to eliminate these patterns from a neurological perspective.
Phase 2: Neurologically “Rewired”
Next, you will be neurologically “rewired” if you will, to move and throw correctly. We are NOT teaching you how to throw, we are neurologically retraining you on how to move CORRECTLY so that this injury/symptom does NOT come back. We are eliminating the compensatory actions and ensuring that the muscles MEANT TO ABSORB
FORCE and allow you to play at your maximum potential are firing on all cylinders.
Phase 3: Neurological Strength Training With The ARP WAVE / Therastim
The prime muscle groups used in your specific sport are trained with the ARP Wave / Therastim. You will feel those muscle contract like you have never felt before.
Loosening Session

See pictures of Dwight Freeney using the ARP Wave / Therastim in his workouts.

The Dwight Freeney Workout: An Inside Look. By: Adam Bornstein




$65 per session or $600 for 10 sessions