20-60 min In person or Skype Consultation

How Coaching Works

Step 1: Questionnaire.
Send and email to Dr. Banas saying you are interested in his coaching programs. Dr. Banas will then send you a detailed questionnaire that asks you questions about your health history, training status, diet, detailed goals, and more.

Step 2: 20-60 minute initial Skype discussion, then a follow-up consultation to go over “solutions”. This will be recorded and sent to the client

 Step 3: Biomarker Testing.

This step is optional, but certainly sets us apart in terms of our ability to help customize a program to your personal biological needs, nutrient deficiencies, hormonal balances and more. Their is no one size fits all program when it comes to supplements, nutrition, maximizing fat loss or  improving your performance. Biomarker testing allows us to get to know your body, from the inside out.
Dr. Banas will walk you through the process of proper testing to identify your hormone status, level of inflammation, gut health and more. If our online testing options are not available in your state or region, we help you find a doctor or lab who can get you the appropriate tests. When it comes to getting the most out of your body, this is an extremely important test.

         A) Blood and Hormone Testing

         B) Gut – Complete Gut testing
Gastrointestinal function is critical for good health. Emerging evidence has associated overall GI function and              gut microbiome status with a wide variety of common illnesses.
This test looks at bacterial overgrowth, yeast or fungus issues, the right kind of bacteria in your colon, not                      enough fiber in your diet, fat malabsorption, pancreatic insufficiency and more.

       C) Urine Testing (hormone tests, Sex hormone metabolites, Adrenal hormones)

       D) DNA Testing (Training and nutrition based on your DNA.)

E) Sleep Monitoring (Improve Sleep, Enhance Recovery, Feel Better, Perform Better)

F) Heart Rate Variability Testing and Monitoring  (HRV)
Heart rate variability (HRV) is a relatively new method for assessing the effects of stress on your body. It is                     measured as the time gap between your heart beats that varies as you breathe in and out. Research evidence                 increasingly links high HRV to good health and a high level of fitness, whilst decreased HRV is linked to                        stress, fatigue and even burnout.

      G) Nutrition Review and monitoring

Other tests are offered (such as organic amino acids, metal toxicity, Cyrex food allergy panel, etc) if needed.

Step 4: Functional Movement Testing.

In addition to testing what is going on inside your body, it’s also very important to establish an idea of your baseline fitness. If you’re training for general fitness or fat loss, we teach you how to test your maximum fat burning zone and aerobic threshold using a bicycle or treadmill. If you’re training for triathlon, we teach you how to test your “Critical Swim Speed”, your bike “Lactate Threshold” and your run “Lactate Threshold”. We realize that not everyone has a power meter, heart rate monitor, or GPS device, so our recommendations for testing vary depending on what you have available for testing and monitoring.

Step 5: Review Of All Testing 
Consultation where we will go over all the data collected from the testing and how to “FIX” what is wrong, how to improve health or enhance performance.

Nutrition Program Design.
This is another area in which our coaching approach is unique and will get you superior results, you will be sending your daily food journal directly to Dr. Banas every day. This will help keep you accountable and Dr. Banas can also send you nutrition suggestions to help maximize fat loss or performance.

-Food quality
-Food quantity
-Food timing
-Food preparation
-Food storage
-Eating environment
-Nutritional Supplements

Training / Movement / Therapy Plan Design.
Within just a few days after we have your questionnaire and have had our initial meeting with you, we give you your first week of workouts, based on your personal schedule, time limitations, goals and needs. Dr. Banas will deliver your training plan using “TrainingPeaks“, an easy-to-use online program that allows you to easily log-in and download or print your workouts, access your training plan via your phone, and upload workout logs, nutrition notes, and much more.

Rather than giving you large “chunks” of many weeks of training, we plan and customize your program on rolling 4 week basis, so that we can take into account your recovery status, your travel plans or any other last-minute personal needs that you have.

-Exercise habits
-Office habits
-Driving habits
-Morning habits
-Evening habits
-Recovery habits
Circadian Rhythm/Sleep

Recommendations on areas to improve based on your sleep data.


Techniques to improve themselves that are high return. That is, they ideally require little investment of time, energy, & money, and produce a big increase in capabilities and/or well-being.
Dr. Banas is now your personal coach and you can call, email or text him anytime you have questions about your nutrition or training plan.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Dr. Banas directly.