Superhuman Food Pyramid

What Type Of Foods Should You Be Eating?

 Let’s get right to it. The tradition food pyramid is wrong. Not only is it wrong, it is likely the reason you are fat.

The Traditional Food Pyramid, has cereals, grains, bread, pasta and other starchy carbohydrates as the base of the diet – and fats near the top of the pyramid, as a “use sparingly” category.

But this type of pyramid can lead to health problems. After all, dietary fat from healthy sources has been shown in studies to actually help to increase weight loss, reduce heart disease risk, lower blood sugars, lower cholesterol and maintain proper brain function.

 We are going to follow The Superhuman Food Pyramid.

 Here is a list of the foods to eat and the foods to avoid. You can down load this here

Superhuman Food Pyramid-BenGreenfield

Superhuman Food Pyramid