You have  probably hear the ads about The Chiropractic Joint, basically a low cost walk in chiropractic office.

Initially the idea sounds great. Neck stiff, walk in, get adjusted, neck is better and walk out.

However, the are a few problems with The Chiropractic Joint when you compare that style of chiropractic office to having your own The Chiropractic Jointpersonal chiropractor.

The first thing you need to know about The Chiropractic Joint is that there business model is base on volume. Since they charge so little for there treatment, they need to really increase the volume of patients they see in a day. There goals are to try and see 70 to 100 patients a day.

20 years ago I worked at an office where I would see 50-60 patients a day and it sucked. Both for the doctor and the patient.

I am a Sports Chiropractor, which means I have specialized training in different types of treatments that can help people recover faster. When I was seeing 50 plus patients a day I did not have time to use any other these other modalities that could help the patients. I also did not much time to spend with my patients.

When a patient comes to see me, now, for some thing like neck or shoulder pain, I like to do a combination of treatments to resolve the pain as fast as I can. I usually do something like and adjustment, deep tissue therapy, dry needling the trigger points and some deep electric muscle stimulation like the TheraStima or ARP Trainer.

The really good thing is, I can still keep the prices low and reasonable. Since, I rent some small office space and have no employees my overhead is very low and therefore I do not have to charge a lot for my services.The Chiropractic Joint

If you are thinking about The Chiropractic Joint, but you want a chiropractor that also uses other modalities like deep tissue therapy, deep electric muscle stimulation, Acupuncture and strength and conditioning, take some time to ask around.

You will likely be able to find a good sports chiropractor that can take great care of you, spend time with you and use all the modalities to help you instead of just the adjustment.