Gilbert, AZ Personal TrainingGilbert, AZ Personal Training

Jason Rodie stopped doing traditional strength training and instead started soley training on the ARX .

The average ARX workout Jason was doing averaged about 10 min and he only did it once a week.

ARX moves at a speed you pre-choose. Push & pull your hardest, ARX maintains its speed. You get what you put it to it. Give 100% it will fight you back at 100%.

A lot of the training concepts for the ARX come from a book called, Body by Science.

Body by Science challenges everything you thought you knew about exercise and Personal training Gilbert AZtakes you deep inside your body’s inner workings–all the way down to the single cell–to explain what science now knows about the role of exercise in human health. With the help of medical diagrams and step-by-step photos, exercise scientist Doug McGuff, M.D., and weight-training pioneer John Little present a revolutionary new workout protocol that fully leverages the positive effects of high-intensity, low-frequency weight training, while avoiding the negative effects of traditional aerobic-centric exercise.

ARX has taken the concepts in Body by Science and Super-Slow Training and improved them. Personal training Gilbert AZ



For more specific information on ARX training, check out the ARX page on this website. 

Jason trains at a personal training center in Gilbert, AZ, with Dr. Jeff Banas.

In this video, Jason talks about his personal training, in Gilbert, AZ with the ARX.

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