Efficient And Effective Strength Training in Gilbert AZ In Less Than 15 min. Strength training Gilbert AZ

Until now almost all strength training was based on the concentric phase of training even though it is well known that more gains in strength and size are better achieved during the eccentric motion (where is muscle is lengthening while contracting).

Traditional resistance must be low enough for the weakest range of concentric strength to function, thus it’s not enough to challenge the stronger range or your much-greater eccentric strength, (much greater than previously thought before ARX monitoring!). ARX works all ranges of eccentric & concentric with full intensity, every rep.

In order to truly understand why the ARX (Adaptive Resistance Exercise) is the “Future of Exercise” we need to back to some biology 101 and the following video does the job perfectly:


 The ARX moves at a speed you at per-determined speed of your choosing and matches your force output instantly and automatically using a computer-driven, motorized drive belt system both through the eccentric & concentric phase of muscle contraction.  No matter how hard your try and giving your maxim effort, the ARX maintains its speed through both the concentric and eccentric phases of contraction. ARX actively tailors the resistance to you on the fly, allowing you to work as hard as you choose without the fear of injury. No dangerous weights to drop and no adjustments to make; just perfect resistance.

 The following video show Jason Rodie (who has Cerebral Palsy) training on the ARX. Because of the Cerebral Palsy, Jason’s arms are not equal in strength. However, watching this video you would never know it. This is because the ARX is adapting to the resistance that each arm is giving it. You will also see that Jason is able to train both the concentric and eccentric phases of contraction, which is not possible with other strength training equipement such as free weights.

Training on the ARX at Banas Sports Therapy in Gilbert, AZ has become an integral part of Para-Olympian, Jason Rodie’s training plan. “Since I have Cerebral Palsy, traditional strength training was difficult for me. However, the ARX adapts to the force I give it. Allowing me to give a maximum effort on ever repetition to all of my muscle.” Jason Rodie, Para-Olympian Shot Put.

So, what are strength coaches saying about the ARX?

“After 25 years of being a personal trainer and strength coach, the ARX is the most amazing full body workout I have ever had, in only 4 sets of 10 reps.” Peter Rivera -Parisi Speed Coach.


Banas Sports Therapy is currently the only clinic in AZ to offer adaptable resistance training. “The response has been amazing. “We elite athletes, football players, MMA fighters and Ironman Triathletes all saying the ARX is the hardest workout they have done. It’s great to see athletes get results, but it is even more rewarding to see people strength train who may be too frail to use traditional weights, like those with disabilities, illnesses or osteoporosis.” Dr. Jeff Banas.

Because of the adaptable resistance, as you fatigue, there’s no danger of the ‘weight’ being ‘too heavy’ to complete the desired-timed set and good form’s virtually guaranteed. Breaks in form trying to get that last repetition in that’s “too heavy” to lift properly are a non-issue.

You get what you put into it. Give an honest effort, and the first repetition is just as hard as every repetition and probably the hardest repetition that you have every done. Since the all repetitions are through both the eccentric & concentric phases of muscle contraction, it will likely be the hardest workout you have every done.

Since, the intensity of workout is so high and your muscles are so fatigue your body may need anywhere from 4 to 7 days to recovery from just the one workout. This is where your body adapts to the workout and grows bigger and stronger muscles.

All the sessions are recorded, so you can objectively monitor your progress.

What does this all mean? For those willing to work hard, ARX is the safest, most efficient, most effective workout ever.